Earn your Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate and kickstart your new career in as few 5 months

Gain the hands-on experience, mentorship and job training you need to succeed in the early childhood field.

  • GED or high school diploma required
  • Hybrid schedule
  • Qualify to apply for the Early Childhood Ancillary-Teaching Certificate
  • Financial aid options available to those who qualify

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Why an Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Program?

Not only does Unitech Training Academy teach you the necessary skills for a career in early childhood development, you receive support along the way to prepare you for the working world. From practice certification exams to resume building and interview simulations, you not only leave with job skills, you gain career skills as well.

  • Completing this program qualifies you to apply for the Early Childhood Ancillary Teaching Certificate, which is required for all lead teachers in publicly-funded centers.
  • Unitech currently offers the only technical diploma program that is BESE approved.

Turn learning into earning

“My student life was great at Unitech. I had an amazing instructor, Mrs Zita. She has an innate ability to know your strengths and weaknesses and will ensure that you strengthen your weaknesses. She doesn’t let you make excuses instead she force you to own it and work harder. She makes it a point to understand the skill level her students are on and then pushes them. There were many activities to test our skills and knowledge and I looked forward to every day even the days that I didn’t want to go to class.”
early childhood educator testimonial portrait

Eugenia S. Usher Jenkins

Graduated in 2021

Over 12,000 graduates taught since 1997

Our curriculum takes a practical approach to learning, allowing you to develop your skills by using tools of the trade in a hands-on learning lab environment. We prepare you for what to expect beyond school and into the working world. From practice certification exams to resume building and interview simulations, you won’t only leave with job skills but career skills as well. Plus, you will have access to our job placement partnerships with hospitals and pharmacies.

Accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education

Licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Licensed by the Mississippi Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration

Accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Gives you great employment opportunities

Learn from experienced instructors

Become career ready in as little as 5 months

Positions you for success in the technology field.

Put your career on the fast-track to new and exciting opportunities

Unitech’s program provides you with the skills necessary for landing an entry-level position in Dental Assisting. You learn in a hands-on learning environment about a wide range of dental assisting careers. The practical applications you receive from your instructor are equivalent to what you will experience in your career. This helps qualify you for many high-demand positions in the oral healthcare system.

Financial aid is available

Unitech Training Academy is committed to assisting all individuals explore numerous options for financial assistance to fund their education. We take pride in our devotion to partner with our students by helping to ensure that the costs of their education is met through every financial aid opportunity available to those who qualify.

Financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and other financial resources designed to cover the costs of receiving a quality education. Unitech’s Financial Aid Office is dedicated to processing all financial aid packages in accordance with state, federal, and institutional guidelines.

Financial aid questions? We can help you.

Why choose Unitech

“I decided to become a Pharmacy Technician because it provided me with financial stability while I was still working on my theatre degree at UL.
My favorite part about being a student at Unitech Training Academy was how every single staff member no matter if it was your own instructor or someone else’s instructor, financial aid or whoever it was would be like a family almost and Unitech is the only place I would go for Pharmacy Technician” – Jessica Johnson

Our Purpose

Unitech Training Academy is a proprietary school open to all students regardless of age, race, etc. Our philosophy is to maintain a professional outlook and consideration of our students with them in mind.

At Unitech, we not only want our students trained (job ready), but also trained on how to keep a job. At Unitech, we believe that the training we do directly and appropriately reflects our students’ performance, attitudes, and capabilities of their work.

Unitech also realizes the overwhelming need in the community for professionally trained persons. It is Unitech’s philosophy to provide the community with a choice of desirable, productive, and well-trained individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate at Unitech?
Not only will Unitech Training Academy teach you the necessary skills students need to be prepared for a career in early childhood development, there is also ample support along the way to prepare you for what to expect beyond school and into the working world. From practice certification exams to resume building and interview simulations, you won’t only leave with job skills but career skills as well.
What makes the Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate program great for me?
This program ensures that candidates obtain the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to provide positive classroom environments and learning experiences for children, from birth to five years of age.
What sort of places can I work?
Upon completion of the Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate program, candidates can work at a variety of centers for children. Examples included but are not limited to child care centers, pre-K classrooms and Head-Start centers.
Which campuses offer this program?

The Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate program is currently available at the Alexandria and Lafayette campuses.

At Unitech, our students learn to perform many of the following as they go through the program:

• Effective teaching through appropriate child evaluation
• Well-rounded child care and meeting the needs of children and families
• Infants and toddlers – foundation years for learning
• The preschool years – readiness for school and life
• Pediatric CPR & First Aid

Teachers can earn an ECAC by obtaining a CDA or technical diploma or certificate of technical studies in an early childhood-related field through an ECAC program at a college, technical school, or private provider that is approved by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). Unitech offers the “pathway” of obtaining the early childhood ancillary certificate instead of a CDA. Either pathway selected by a candidate is accepted by the Department

What is hybrid?
Our hybrid model allows students to work from home as well as at school in a face-to-face setting. Approximately 60% of your work will be done on campus and 40% will be completed at home through our e-learning software. This new format has given many students the flexibility they need for success.