Unitech Training Academy offers many courses in various fields. *To be enrolled in Unitech Training Academy, the applicant must be at least 17 years of age, and have a high school diploma or GED. Unitech will send information to anyone interested, regardless of age. If you would like to enter school or just find out some more information about a course you are interested in, fill out the form on this page and an admissions representative will reach out to you shortly.

No matter what your story is


“When starting at Unitech, I was 37 years old. I really thought that I was too old to start a new career, but from the moment I entered the classroom everything was hands-on and taught with a passion. It felt like a family atmosphere that wanted you to succeed and the word “can’t” disappeared!”

Carl Frisby
Massage Therapy Graduate

“Everyone was welcoming and encouraging. From students to faculty, I felt like I was part of a team that was focused on my success. The educational foundation I received at Unitech gave me all of the tools I needed to grow and be successful in my field.”

Mary Riggenback
EKG/Phlebotomy Technician Graduate

“My experience at Unitech was nothing less than amazing! They were cooperative and supportive. I feel more than prepared to start working!”

Christian Noel
Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Program

“I felt welcomed on my first day! The staff is very supportive and they care for their students. I had an awesome teacher, Mrs. Marsha Watkins. If any of her students were slacking or struggling, she was always there to help! On my last day, I was emotional because I didn’t want to leave.”

Alexus Hamilton
Medical Assistant Graduate

“Unitech taught me about “real world” problems, clinical rotations, providing sufficient learning tools, and hands-on training. I always learned new things through crafts, activities, and skills lab. My teachers made academics fun and all of the students worked together. Thank you to everyone who has helped me be where I am and who I am today.”

Cara Cudd
EKG/Phlebotomy Technician Graduate

“The teachers are understanding, helpful, and encouraging. The school environment is exceptional and they are always looking to improve. If you’re not ready for a four-year college, Unitech Training Academy is the perfect school to train for a new career!”

Shekia Burgess
Dental Assisting Graduate