You may be familiar with the statements sent by health insurance companies recording payments and reimbursements made to healthcare providers. These statements also indicate when certain procedures or treatments were denied coverage. Medical billing and coding professionals who work with your physicians and other healthcare practitioners determine how insurance companies are billed for care received. This billing process involves medical codes that designate each type of examination, procedure, or treatment.

Explore the role that this process plays in patient care, and learn about the online Medical Billing and Coding program offered at Unitech Training Academy, serving online learners in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

The Role of the Electronic Health Record

When patients are examined and treated in medical practices, data is entered into an electronic health record (EHR). These digital records are easily shared among healthcare providers and systems and serve as a record of the patient’s health, and the healthcare they receive over their lifetime. The medical history, vital signs from each visit, and the progress or decline of health are all recorded electronically. Through the use of code systems in the healthcare industry, individual information is succinctly and uniformly recorded in the medical record.

Medical billing and coding professionals have access to the EHR as part of the billing process. They review the codes entered into the system for accuracy, and bill insurance companies and patients accordingly. As part of the patient care team, those who work in medical billing and coding are tasked with upholding confidentiality and accuracy. They may also influence the overall efficiency of the medical team by providing oversight of the payment process.

Serving Together on the Healthcare Team

It’s probably no surprise that medical patients are often concerned about the cost of health services. The insurance reimbursement process can be complicated to patients, and medical bills can be daunting. By promoting operations that ease and simplify billing procedures, medical billing and coding professionals can add a level of transparency that gives patients peace of mind.

At the same time, medical practitioners are concerned about providing the best care possible for their patients. The services of medical billing and coding professionals can help clarify the billing and reimbursement process for the healthcare team. By reinforcing the accurate use of specific codes relevant to the practice, ensuring that data is free of errors, and submitting bills promptly, medical billers and coders support the medical team. Through these efforts, medical practitioners are paid for their work and patients can more easily engage in taking care of their health without concern about payments and overdue bills.

Medical Billing and Coding Impacts Patient Care

The medical billing and coding program at Unitech Training Academy includes courses in medical front office skills and administrative medical assisting. This is because these coding and billing pros are often in communication with patients. They answer questions about how billing procedures work, and they may assist with any appeal process to health insurance companies when payments are denied. The role of medical billers and coders can be viewed as a middle ground between patients, insurance companies, and medical care providers. Good communication skills are important in this role.

Medical Billing and Coding at Unitech Training Academy

The courses offered in the medical billing and coding program at Unitech Training Academy provide a thorough exploration of both medical coding and billing procedures. Graduates who complete the program successfully are eligible to take an examination for certification in this specialty.

Courses offered include:

  • Billing and coding procedures
  • Applying CPT coding and its modifiers
  • Coding related to patient surgery and body systems
  • Radiology, pathology, medicine, and inpatient coding
  • The electronic health record and its software

We also offer carer services assistance including job seeking to help graduates create a working resume, practice interview skills, and determine a plan for finding employment.

Job Training at Unitech Training Academy

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